In service of one stop localization solution to overcome language barriers and broaden your horizon

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Linguo Go was founded in the U.S and has since then expanded to Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand. Some of the largest brands in the world have entrusted Linguo Go with their localization needs, some exclusively.

Chen Y.K
CEO @ Linguo Go
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Captioning and Subtitling

Let our world of talent work on your world of content. Subtitling the passion, humor, emotion and magic in a way that delivers an authentic experience.

You need to reach audiences all around the world. We have the answer.

With our worldwide community of in-territory translators and loyal linguists, we have the capacity to handle the highest volume demands of today. We offer turnkey solutions, highest-quality subtitles, packaged and ready for all major platforms. On-time. Every time.

"The team is humble, polite and very dependable! I would love to rate if there’s a 7-star rating!"

Michael Davidson
@Client CEO
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Voiceover, Audiobook Narration and Transcription


Giving every viewer the most comfortable and authentic user experience, bringing inspiration through voice!

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Quick turnaround

Our team of professional transcriptionists is ready to get to work as soon as you confirm order. Our audio transcription & video transcription experts are available 24/7 to accurately convert your audio and video to text. Interview someone for a case study at night, submit it before bed and have the transcription in your inbox with your morning coffee!

Technical Edge

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1 billion words+

Linguo Go has served 1 Billion words and still counting!

Breaking your every language barrier!

16 Languages to support your business globalization

We support all major languages from European and Asian pairs, as well as some rare languages upon booking!

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AI Ops partner

Linguo Go serves to empower our client with automated, sustainable and scalable AI framework solution!


Inspirational Informational Systems

With ISG partners, leading global technology research and advisory organizations, Linguo Go supports their strive in latest informational systems and technologies projects

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Proven Scale

Linguo Go has recently served a majority of the marketshare serving alongside the biggest names. Working alongside as their trusted and preferred fulfillment partner!


Security & Privacy

Protecting your operating information and your right to privacy is our top priority. We commit faithfully to never disclose and keeping your identity confidential.

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The Linguo Go team sincerely thanks each and everyone who generously helped us get this far. We promise to always faithfully deliver our very best and honest work.

Lawrence T
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